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Tips and tricks to stay BEAR WISE with

Be Bear Prepared with

Did you know the Southeast region is home to more than 72,000 black bears? One of the greatest highlights of an adventure to the Great Smoky Mountains is seeing the beloved black bear. Good Karma partners and supports local organization To quote this wonderful organization, “ Bearwise helps people live responsibly with black bears. “ This program is a treasure trove of bear information including monthly articles about what bears are doing, BearWise Basics, how to be BearWise while outdoors, and even Bearwise Educational materials.

Did you know that 72,000 black bears are also trying to share space with more than 124 million people? North Carolina has an estimated number of 17,000-20,000 black bears. One of the highest estimates in the Southeast. The main mission of BearWise is to help prevent conflicts and ways to keep bears wild and coexist with them. It provides consistent, science-based information and proven practical ways to prevent conflicts, resolve problems and develop BearWise communities. There is even a partnership webinar you can take. Their Facebook page has tons of great material also!

As a guest of Good Karma Cabins and patron of the Great Smoky Mountain Park we hope you access the information on to make sure you know that anything that could attract a hungry bear is stored out of sight, smell and reach to help keep our enchanting black bears wild and reduce any way for a conflict to arise. Please be sure to read Six Outdoor BearsWise Basics, for our guests out and about in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which includes important information on what to do if you do see a bear while adventuring. Look for our stickers at Good Karma Cabins and be sure to be Bear wise. Don’t forget to tag us in your beautiful bear photos at #GoodKarmaCabinsllc

All information can be found at

photo by Rick Thigpen @rick.thigpen.photog

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