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Christmas in the Smoky Mountains

We love many things in our family; Dollywood and holidays are

on our list. Dollywood’s holiday spectacular is officially called Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas. It is a wonder to the eyes and a special place to make memories with your family this holiday season. Read on to get more details.

Child-Like Wonder of Dollywood Holiday Season

Dollywood is worth the planning and effort. The adornment of brilliance hosts 6 MILLION lights! The fantastic crowd-pleaser is that special.

To begin, each park's land tells a seasonal tale through lights. Each story differs from the last as you continue your magical Dollywood journey. Check out Santa’s Village, Glacier Ridge, and Craftsman’s Valley. There are dozens of lighted trees, some of which boast up to 12 ft tall!

As you and your family stroll along in visual-holiday awe, you will hear the sounds of shows in the air, the deliciousness of holiday treats wafting through the cool mountain air, and the anticipation of the rides and attractions that make Dollywood so fun will be bubbling over.

All Aboard the Holiday Train

The spirit of the season is evident throughout the park and details. Riding the train is one of our favorite ways to view the lights. My transportation enthusiast is captivated by this attraction. In addition, the Dollywood Express Light Experience is a classic train ride that is another excellent way to experience the magic of the holidays with the glitz and glamour of the beautiful Dolly.

What else can we do during our visit?

While some might be content to marvel at the Illumination marvels, others might need a little more. I recommend watching a show like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ or ‘ O Holy Night.’

Finally, the foodie in me also recommends Dollywood’s Holiday Tasting. Who doesn’t love holiday treats?

Dollywood has an official resort where you can stay if interested. If you want a more affordable, family-friendly option, check out Good Karma Cabins!

I hope you enjoy the Dollywood holiday spectacular Smoky Mountain Christmas. If you want another fun holiday event in the Smoky Mountains, click here!


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